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on Sat Mar 31, 2018 9:27 pm
• The matches will last 8 minutes (4 mins each part).
• It is mandatory to play with a referee (the referee can be any player that belongs to the community)
• When the game ends, a player of either of the two teams that plays the match, has to publish the result of the game, the scorers, yellow cards, red cards and nick of the referee.
• When the result is already published, the referee has to confirm the result of the match.
• In the case that the ball leaves the field, the REFEREE must stop the game, write in the chat the result and the minute, sanction with a yellow card the player who ejected the ball out of the field [2 yellow cards = red card (15 secs out of match)] and resume the match with the remaining minutes (for example, if is the minute 2:30 the referee resume match until 1:30).
• The players must have the same nick in the room as they are registered in forum.
• Last and more important, enjoy the tournament, don't forget this is only a game Wink
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